Spring Semester 2018

April 26, 2018: Connected Insurance Workshop with Accenture


During an interactive workshop together with Accenture we first got an insight into the new possibilities that arise in the insurance sector due to new technologies. We also got an insight how to deliver value in a company as a consultant in such a challenging environment and had to develop a business concept by our self. The topics were mobility, health and housing, all in combination with insurance products. In groups we had to develop a new product idea, create a customer journey and think about why our product would be valuable to an insurance company. In the end we presented the cases in plenum and a winner was chosen by the consultants from Accenture. The event was followed by an aperitif, where we had the possibility to get some first hand insights into Accenture. We would like to thank Accenture for the great workshop and the participants for their engagement in the case study