Spring Semester 2017

May 10, 2017: Cyber Risk Workshop with Swiss Re

Swiss Re, a global top-tier reinsurance company, joined us for a very special event today! After a swift business introduction, the focus shifted towards cyber risk, the main topic of the workshop. An expert from the field managed to perfectly demonstrate the huge risks companies are facing nowadays. Even though the portion of cyber coverages is still small (especially in Europe) it clearly is a growing risk, that should be closely monitored in order not to miss out on profit. Right after this overview, two groups began to discuss whether companies – provided by the presenters – hold assets at risk that should be insured. Ultimately, we tried to answer whether these companies need coverage, thus asking if they benefited from it. Once the results were presented, the expert delivered first-hand knowledge to our proposed solutions.

The participants enjoyed the positive atmosphere throughout the whole time, including the personal talks over some snacks during the aperitif.

March 7, 2017: CV Workshop with Basler Insurance

Right before the Talents Conference in March we had a CV Workshop with Baloise. We were able to have our CV reviewed by HR professionals from Basler and were tought some of the most important things to pay attention when you create your own CV. Thanks a lot to all the participants who joined us for this awesome workshop!