Members of the board

Steven Wolfseher



Head of Events & Sponsoring



Master in Banking and Finance HSG (MBF)


"It's in your car, your health, your company, your neighborhood, and even all over your leisure time. As long as people are investing their time and money, there will be a need for insurance and the professionals who make it happen."

Alexander Kallay


Vice President

Head of HSG Insurance Day & Business Development


Bachelor Business Administration HSG (BWL)


"On the one hand, most people and firms tend to be risk-averse. On the other hand, they want to take advantage of any project as much as they can. It is here where the insurance and also my fascination of this industry come into play. Personally speaking, the concept of making a profitable business by promising individuals and companies to guarantee for their risk by - in turn - receiving a premium seems so thrilling to me."

Sabrina Lehmann



Head of Communication



Bachelor Business

Administration HSG (BWL)


"The Insurance business is facing some major challenges: What are new generations expecting from insurance, and how does digitalization change their current business model? This industry is more than ready for re-imaging and innovation, which requires broadcasting."

Tobias Suter



Head of Finance & IT



Assessment HSG



"This industry is very diverse due to its many departments, which makes it an exciting but also challenging field of work. The insurance business is also top notch when it comes to finding innovative solutions for future risks and problems which arise due to the high frequency of innovations faster today than they ever did before."